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Man About Town


O. Henry, pseudonym of William Sydney Porter, was American author of hundreds of short stories. He was born on September 11, 1862, in Greensboro, North Carolina. As a child, Porter was always reading, everything from classics to dime novels; his favourite works were Lane's translation of One Thousand and One Nights and Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy. In O. Henry’s short story, Man About Town, a gentleman goes in search of the elusive Man About Town.  As he traverses the city he encounters a number of people who express their thoughts and opinions about the Man About Town. The answers given to the gentleman just pique his curiosity even more.  In the vivid descriptions of the Man About Town, no one could point one out or name one. So he continues his search in New York City after nightfall.  Wandering Broadway he is rapt in thought as he prepares to cross the street.  Then it happens.  He hears a buzz with an odour of gasoline and then darkness. The next morning he wakes up in hospital.  The doctor hands him the morning paper with a detailed description of him being hit by an automobile.  As the gentleman read about his ordeal, he was startled to read the last line of the article - “Bellevue Hospital, where it was said that his injuries were not serious.  He appeared to be a typical Man About Town.” English audiobook "Man About Town” is an eye-opening reading that you can listen online on our website for free.

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