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Love and Freindship


The reception history of Jane Austen follows a path from modest fame to wild popularity. During her lifetime, Austen's novels brought her little personal fame. Like many women writers, she chose to publish anonymously, but her authorship was an open secret. Jane Austen’s Love and Freindship is part of the second volume of Austen’s Juvenilia, short works she wrote from 1787 to 1793 mostly to entertain her family. From the age of eleven until she was eighteen, Austen wrote her tales in three notebooks. These still exist, one in the Bodleian Library and the other two in the British Museum. Love and Freindship is a short epistolary novel that showcases Austen’s humour and wit.  From these early writings, we can see Austen working toward the literary masterpieces that readers continue to love nearly 200 years after her death. The opening letter of the novel is from Isabel to her friend, Laura.  Isabel figures that since Laura has turned 55, she should be ready to discuss the events of her life.  The rest of the letters are from Laura to Isabel’s daughter, Marianne, and while only one point of view is featured in this novel, it really works here.  Laura writes to Marianne of her “Misfortunes and Adventures” in life and love to serve as a lesson or guide.  And Laura certainly takes readers on an adventure! This collection of the early works of Jane Austen uniquely displays the emerging talent of a brilliant and observant young woman. Listen online to free English audiobook "Love and Freindship” on our website to experience Jane Austen's juvenile story.

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