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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

With the fifth book, the story of Harry Potter becomes more intense and more adult. In "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” Joanne K. Rowling dwells upon topics of inequality, prejudice, narrow-mindedness of government and power of mass media. In the previous book of the series, we discover that Lord Voldemort, the most dangerous wizard in the world, has returned. Though Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore informed the magical community of the coming danger, the Ministry of Magic prefers to claim them liars. Those people, who would rather stay strong against the Dark Lord, unite in the Order of Phoenix under the lead of professor Dumbledore. Notwithstanding Harry’s desire to fight Lord Voldemort with the Order, he is sent back to Hogwarts. There he encounters misunderstanding from classmates, bullying from a new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher and private lessons with Severus Snape. The aim of these lessons is to close Harry’s mind from Lord Voldemort, with whom he has some mysterious mental connection. Though the plot of "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” begins to unwind slowly, closer to the middle of the book it gains a sky-rocketing speed and twists unexpectedly. New friends and new enemies, underground army and open oppositions, danger and life-changing choices; that is what you are going to listen online to with real excitement.
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